Fascination by Other Cultures

Photo by J. Walter Louie

I think it’s incredibly endearing when people are fascinated with other cultures and thrive to learn more and more about it. Especially when that culture happens to be similar to your culture – you can talk about yourself for hours and they won’t get tired of it!  Continue reading “Fascination by Other Cultures”

Laws You Should Know when Moving Abroad

Photo by my boyfriend (:

I don’t know about you, but I am outright terrified of the police and any kind of law enforcement. It’s bad enough in Estonia where I had 18 years to learn and remember the laws, so moving to a whole new country with completely different laws took that fear to a whole new level. Here’s some of the major laws you might want to know when moving to another country. Continue reading “Laws You Should Know when Moving Abroad”

Holiday Stress: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

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The holiday season is approaching and so are finals. All kinds of responsibilities are piling up and it’s gradually getting more and more difficult to keep your cool. I think one of the best lessons moving abroad has taught me is to not take myself too seriously, or anything for that matter. To some, it might sound ludicrous, and to others, maybe even straight out  stupid, but that’s what has gotten me through all my rough times. Continue reading “Holiday Stress: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously”

Luxury Brands as Social Status Indicators

Photo by my friend (:

With Black Friday quickly approaching, I was mulling about how convenient it is to know exactly when a certain store has massive discounts. Sure, going to a mall on Black Friday is essentially like voluntarily jumping head-first  into the fourth circle of hell, but my shopaholic heart is trying real hard to convince me to dive in.  Thankfully though, I’ve never been a huge appreciator of expensive brands so Black Friday isn’t such a huge deal to me, but if I did have the mentality of an average Eastern European – I’d go back as a superstar. Why? Continue reading “Luxury Brands as Social Status Indicators”

How Far My Expectations of Working Abroad Were from Reality

A photo taken my boyfriend of me being a “cat+apostrophe=catastrophe” in my office during halloween

I had never worked in an office before coming to my internship in San Francisco. Neither has either of my parents worked in an office so I truly never had any base to build my expectations on. I figured since Silicon Valley is one of the most competitive places, that their work places would be competitive as well. Besides, from what I had heard from my fellow Europeans: work was supposed to be emotionally and physically draining, suck up all your energy and you should be working every minute that you are on the clock. Terrifying! I can’t be productive 9h/5 days a week. I get spikes of energy, not a stable hum of it. Continue reading “How Far My Expectations of Working Abroad Were from Reality”

Estonian Superstitions

Photo by my boyfriend (:

The other day I found myself (pretend-) spitting three times over my left shoulder. Why? Because it’s the equivalent of knocking on wood in Estonia. And even though Estonia is one of the least religious countries on Earth, we have a bunch of weird superstitions that we have picked up over time from all the occupations we have gone through. Here’s some of them: Continue reading “Estonian Superstitions”

Long-distance and How to Survive It

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Being in a relationship might be the biggest reason as to why someone wouldn’t want to move away, and it’s understandable: when you’re young (which I assume most of my readers are), everything seems like a big deal and you don’t ever want to be separated from your significant other. But which will you regret more when you’re older – staying in your hometown with your partner or going through a long-distance relationship for a while and seeing the world?

Continue reading “Long-distance and How to Survive It”

Unique National Holidays

Photo by Element5 Digital from Unsplash.com

A wonderful thing about moving abroad is getting to experience new holidays and traditions. Just yesterday I was celebrating Thanksgiving with some friends, or “Friendsgiving” as they like to call it. It’s without a doubt my favorite American holiday. What about my other two home countries? Continue reading “Unique National Holidays”

Can You Go to a Good University in a Cheap Country?

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I was reading Estonian news this morning and stumbled upon an opinion article titled “Is a three euro coffee really worth the price?” Having lived abroad in countries with considerably higher standard of living had me think this was a joke at first: you can barely get a tall filter coffee for that money in the Netherlands and California. But isn’t that a good factor when choosing a country to move to? Continue reading “Can You Go to a Good University in a Cheap Country?”